Janet Fortess
Embodied Imagination: Jewelry

Jewelry:  Sacred Circle Beads

I love embodying colors, texture, shapes from the mineral kingdom in wearable art.  Some of my creations come from images in dreams.  Often, the creative process is done in a waking dream.

I work primarily with semi precious stones and various metals.  I create beaded necklaces, earrings,  corded pendants  and stretch bracelets. While there are many energies and qualities of stones, I let the stones speak for themselves as to their healing or energetic properties.

I enjoy designing with you for a particular purpose or occasion. 
I also welcome you to bring jewelry you already own for repair or redesign.
"Thank you for the gorgeous necklaces. They make me feel like a queen!! I will wear them, I'm sure, practically every day. I wore the dark one last night and am just wild about it."

Dr. Sera Smolen, cellist

Janet made jewelry especially for me and whenever I wear it everyone comments on its uniqueness and originality of design. 

Barbara Charmoy