Embodied Imagination:  Bodywork

Bodywork & Movement - Healing of Mind and Body

Integrated Bodywork and Movement Exploration
In my individual and group sessions with you I draw on my many years of training and experience with modalities of traditional Massage (LMT), and additionally Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Trager (inactive status) and Energy Work.  My emphasis is always on helping you to experience shifts in awareness and sensation within the context of embodied imagination--body follows mind. The changes in pain level, relaxation, pleasure felt in the body result from changes in the mind.

Movement exploration

Sound, breath, and movement exploration as part of an integrated bodywork session amplifies the impact of any hands-on therapy I might use for you, and gives you tools that support you in ongoing self care beyond our time together.   I bring my experience with Trager Psychophysical Integration (inactive status), Continuum Movement, Chi Gong and relaxation/meditation practice into every session.

Embodied Imagination applies to touch and movement modalities both in the use of images to invite shifts of sensation in the body, and in the fact that spontaneous memories/images may arise and be experienced during bodywork.  At times, we will explore these spontaneous memories/images in engaged dialogue (see Dreamwork).  The Dreamwork technique  is a non-interpretive approach to exploring dreams, memories, physical/emotional symptoms, with an open curiosity that invites the meaning of an image to reveal itself.  

Chi Gong

Chi Gong means moving energy or breath. It is an ancient Chinese movement form of slow, flowing moves.  I call it the grandmother of all the Oriental Martial Arts.  Benefits of Chi Gong practice include stress reduction, strength and balance, as well as inner harmony.  In just moments of practice each day you can learn to shift your mental and physical state.  Chi Gong is appropriate for many ages and abilities.

Chi Gong uses images such as Rotate Arms Separate Clouds, Soaring Like a Noble Goose, Rowing the Boat in the Middle of the Lake, and Rotate Like a Wheel in the Heavens to express the intimate relation of mind to body.

I studied Chi Gong with Katherine Hanna at Cornell University for over twenty years, and with Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang since fall of 2014.  I teach Chi Gong to individuals and groups -- traditional classroom at Cornell University, private homes, offices or places of business and outdoor settings. 

The form I teach is called Tai Chi Chi Gong: Eighteen Ways and I often incorporate other forms of sound, breath, movement and sensory awareness.

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What People are Saying 
About Janet Fortess:

A massage with Janet is a unique experience. A little bit of heaven actually. Janet is uniquely talented to provide a massage that attends to the physical body while also holding an energetic opening for release and for expansion. After the massage I would feel light and free.


In my sessions with Janet, she uses a mix of modalities seemingly crafted specially for the situation at hand. The sessions typically put me in touch with a deep inner image that then I can (and do) use as an important component in my personal growth.
I have always found our sessions valuable.

David Henderson, 
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Cornell University

Janet did some lymphatic work on me some years ago that completely cured the condition.  She is truly a gifted healer!


I would recommend Janet Fortess to anyone,  - and 
I am always impressed by, and grateful for all the different healing modalities she employs.