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For me, embodied imagination work happens in geologic time.  As time slows down, I experience from and into the core of my being the life, effect, and revealed meaning of each image.

Janet Fortess

Developed by Jungian psychoanalyst, Robert Bosnak, Embodied Imagination is a non-interpretaive approach to exploring dream and waking experience.  The technique asks that you use your body as an instrument to feel the images and presences in your dreams, memories, health issues, creativity-work issues, or whatever other area you bring to it.  

The process asks us to embrace each image in a dream as if we know nothing about what it is, with wide open curiosity. 

This includes images and others (human, animal, inanimate objects) we might think are familiar, frightening, sublime or even banal or meaningless, from the waking mind's perspective.  When we allow the reality of the image/ object/ other to permeate us, it may offer something quite surprising.

Why Do Embodied Dreamwork?

Are you fascinated by dreams and think they have clues for your life?  Do you barely remember your dreams and wonder if they have meaning?  Are you are sick of other people telling you what your dreams mean and you want to know the dream from the inside out?

Are you interested in the body-mind connection and how it works?  Do you want to expand your ability to sense with your body?  Do you want more creative expression in your life?   Do you want to refine your sense of purpose?  

Do you want to overcome fears that hold you back?  Do you want to feel better, you want to feel more, you want access to all aspects of yourself?

Do you want to understand other people's perspectives?  Do you want to embody and practice being 'present'?  Do you seek self-discovery?

Do you want a fuller experience of life?


Fact:  If you live eighty years, approximately twenty years will be spent dreaming.

​While Embodied Imagination dreamwork does not replace psychotherapy nor is it prescriptive, when you intend/incubate about a pressing issue, the dream genius/creator responds.

The outcome of doing this work, particularly in intensive 6-10  sessions, can be a more expanded sense of self, greater body awareness and increased life possibilities.  

Transformations and shifts in physical/emotional symptoms and in relationships with others are often experienced as well.

How Does it Work?

In ancient times if something ailed you, you would sleep in the dream temple and receive a dream from the gods.  Often, in modern times, dreamwork has become interpretive, limiting what you personally can learn from your experience of all aspects of your dream.  The dreamworker in Embodied Imagination helps you extensively explore both self and other perspectives in your dream or memory, to find your own unique meanings and apply them creatively to your life.  At the conclusion of each session, you will go home with 3-6 embodied images to practice as your unique "medicine".

Embodied Imagination: Dreamwork

We're all Geniuses when we dream ...
What Others Are Saying About
 Janet Fortess

Janet is a brilliant dream worker
 and guide for healing.  She has profound compassion, skill and the capacity to meet and hold sacred even the most difficult feelings, dream images and symptoms.  She is joyful and deeply generous in her desire to create beauty and growth for others; so much so that she provides the possibility of healing remotely through her good thoughts and energy. 

Lauren Z. Schneider, MA, MFT
Institute of Dreams and Tarotpy®

I have never done dream work with Janet, but I have done counseling sessions with her  - and she has helped me immeasurably.


​Janet is an intutive and careful dreamworker who teases out the various aspects of dream images like facets in a diamond.

L. Brache-Tabar, PhD, LMHC
Depth and Expressive Arts Therapist

Janet Fortess