Janet Fortess
Embodied Imagination: 
Dreamwork, Bodywork, Movement and Jewelry
About JANET FORTESS, MAT, LMT and Embodiment Coach™:

In my embodied imagination work, as an Embodiment Coach™, I partner with people in exploring the deep mysteries of self knowledge, healing and wholeness.  I bring over thirty years of experience as a healing arts practitioner and educator.

My training and work incorporate both the science and art of dreamwork, massage/bodywork, and movement/Chi Gong.

I design and create jewelry, and founded Sacred Circle Beads Jewelry in 2006.  My inspiration comes from a life long love of the stones and minerals of the earth.

What is Embodied Imagination ?

For me, the infinite creative power of Mind is the fount of all experience. Embodying means feeling and knowing in and with the physical and subtle body-- and discovering how this creative imaginal Force shapes mind, body and spirit.  

What is Dreamwork ?

Embodied Imagination Dreamwork as created by Robert Bosnak, applies to dreams, memories, creativity issues, and physical or emotional symptoms.  It is a non-interpretive approach to dream and waking images.  In our sessions we explore your dream images through careful questioning in a guided journey, to bring you to new insights and healing.

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What is Bodywork and Movement? 

I integrate breath, sound, movement and touch to achieve shifts in awareness, sensation and embodiment.  Whether teaching Chi Gong or giving an integrated bodywork session, I work with images that inform specific movements  such as 'Soaring Like a Noble Goose' in Chi Gong, or spontaneous images that arise during bodywork.

Training and Work Experience:

Dreamwork: studied with Robert Bosnak, founder of  Embodied Imagination Dreamwork, since 1996.  Graduate of the Los Angeles branch of the International Society for Embodied Imagination as an Embodiment Coach™ in 2013.  I have participated in individual and group settings for over fifteen years.

I bring an extensive background in religious, philosophical, mythological and psychological wisdom traditions, with particular emphasis on women's spirituality, to all aspects of my healing practice.  In addition, my training in Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, and other traditions and methods has enhanced my Personal Growth Counseling with individuals and groups since 1978.  Through the IM School of Healing Arts, I became a Reverend in 2004.   

Body Work and Movement: Chi Gong Teacher/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ former Trager Practioner/ Lymphatic Drainage Therapy / Cranio Sacral Therapy/ Continuum Movement/ Energy Work. 

​Contact Info:

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phone: (607) 273-0708
email:   jfortess@twcny.rr.com

We're all Geniuses when we dream ...
What Others Are Saying About 
Janet Fortess:

What I feel from you when we work together is a great sense of patience and presence and a willingness to get to the deeper truth of it all.
Jhenna Wylde, LMT

 Bodywork:   Janet is a remarkable healer.  Often the healings have been complete and lasting, sometimes approaching the miraculous.


Janet Fortess is one of the most nuanced, sensitive and intuitive healers I know. Her wisdom, experience and training in a wide range of modalities creates a safe, conscious container for deep, highly effective work.  

Evelyn Stettin 
playwright, painter, dreamworker